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Phi Alpha Theta had its first induction in recent years on April 26th, 2007. It is an honor society for history students on the UNI campus. Many attended, including graduate students and faculty.

Foreground: (Right to Left) Patrick Parker, and Chris Kennedy. Both graduating from Graduate School.

Background:(Left to Right) Steve McGrath and Shawn Solon, Both undergraduates.

First Guest Speaker: Dr. Baskerville

Dr. Cutter, Patrick Parker, and Chris Kennedy listening to the History Club President give his speech.

Dr. Baskerville sharing a joke with the audience.

Dr. Trudy Eden and Jennifer Ersland laugh with HC President, Matt Kinker.

Kendra Willey listens attentively to Dr. Baskerville as he congradulates the new inductees on their hard work.

Matt Kinker sits with Dr. Hettle to give Dr. Cutter a chance at the podium.

Samantha Fry, Editor and Chief of the journal, Jessica Peel, and Kendra Willey.

Dr. Cutter is the last guest speaker to acknowledge the hard work of this year's inductees.

President Matt Kinker hands out certificates to the inductees, starting with Jennifer Ersland.

Chris Kennedy receiving his certificate.

Patrick Parker

Jessica Peel

Kendra Willey